What’s the New Normal?

Masks drawn up over your face. No smiles except for the wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, unless you’ve had Mario Lopez surgery — I swear his skin is so tight he’s forced to grin. But all of this is normal.

Bring a single parent is hard work when you’re the “lone wolf “ taking care off everyone and a crisis like Corona virus strikes. Is bad enough the pandemic started, but they have to name it after an appetizing alcoholic drink? They should have named it the “bourbon virus,” because that’s a strong and unrelenting beverage that leaves the ultimate bad taste in your mouth.

Even through it all, my kids and I managed to purchase a property. That’s correct! I’m in my very first home for the first time. Well, I guess that isn’t entirely true, but it’s been awhile since I’ve shedded a skin I’ll refer to as Todd. I’m not going to go into that life much, because I’m glad Life’s experience allowed me to limp away with valuable lessons. However, we did venture into home ownership for about a year before we lost it. He knew about the unpaid payments for months. You may imagine my shock and bewilderment, making my half of the payment every month to him, when we received the foreclosure notice. Trust again? Nope!

And this home is a condo, or a permanent apartment, we now own. Not brag worthy, but somewhat inspiring nonetheless. The kids’ responses were different. Nikki was ecstatic in having her own room and equally as excited to paint the room black so she could add nite-glo stars to the walls.

With Cameron, the story was different. He stayed off by telling me how disappointed he was to see a room to small to hold his futon, etc, and then ended the conversation with an announcement. He’s joining the Marines. My guess is he really hates his room a lot.

The worst part is I’ll lose my employee discount for cable television, phone, and internet to pay a $125 fee for internet only. A bit bummed about that—but it’s inspired a negotiation in three years.

Flipping houses can be considered normal, as is investing. But a lot of new normals are arising in society because of the pandemic. For example, for the first time ever, everyone will vote online rather than in booths. People are picking up the art of paper-saving bidets, and some corporations have abandoned their typical processes to make toilet paper. Weird right? And social distancing is about to make this situation get real. We’re becoming accustomed to some of the new laws. And as long as people are presently dealing with changes, there’s no going back.

Change is necessary and continues whether we like it or not. Our question is what changed have you made to cope. For example, in the groceries ladies room, why would someone take the time to lather up before gripping the germ-infested door handle after wiping them? Gross!

So remember, my fellow Earth dwellers, anything that happens on a regular basis becomes normal after a while. Who knows, perhaps copulation for offspring may become a thing of the past! Designer children futuristic. Now there’s something to consider! Until next time—wash your hands, and don’t touch anything in public. Be a Mother in the Jungle of Survival.

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