Labor Day? Push for it!

Stop! Look around you. Aren’t you lucky? Look at everything you have and have goals to work toward for even better things in your life. And the most magical part is that you finally figured out what you deserve, right? There’s nothing stopping you but you!

Cameron Old Spaghetti Factory
Getting his licks in to become a gourmet chef!

Since we’ve moved, things are changing for the better. Cameron was working at The Old Spaghetti Factory as a busser and interviewed for a host position at Market Street Grill. He’s shared his intention of planning a career as a professional chef. He starts next week!

My little soldier Nikki is developing her career in the military by setting the stones in her future. Her goal is to eventually take full advantage of the ROTC after she graduates. With the method of moving up in ranks in school, Nikki won’t be a frontrunner when she joins the service because she’ll have a higher rank.

Nikki Ready for Service
GI Jane ain’t got nuthin’ on Nikki

Okay, as far as the cat goes, I know you’re dying to find out she’s more and more like a dog every day. Now, she meows and waits for people to do her bidding before she ceases. And yes, we’ve had to lock her out of the bedroom due to midnight calls of demand. But she absolutely loves watching the neighborhood dogs from the safe location of the balcony.

Me? Well, I’m contemplating if going back to school is a good idea. According to TED Talks, only about 25% of graduates actually go into their course of study as a line of work. I’m proof of that already. Customer Service does NOT require a $78,000 degree in writing. But, that’s what I’ve got. So I thought, which would be more lucrative, working hard on what I know for the next year or starting a new chapter from fresh and seeing where I land? I’m thinking it seems fairly obvious.

On a very happy note — we’ve started our Labor Day activities Saturday at the zoo. I know everyone has their own version of celebrating the fruits of their labor, but my celebration is a little different. Labor Day is the day after my mother’s serious work as a professional pusher in giving birth. (Breathing Techniques). I was born on the lord’s day of rest previous to man’s celebration of hard work, on a Sunday. We began our festivities this year by attending Hogle Zoo. We may have saved an animal’s life. You be the judge.

Please share your family’s summer fun with us, and I know it’s an oxymoron to say “have a Happy Labor Day,” but that’s my goal — to finally have a career I enjoy. And what will you do to celebrate your weekend?


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