Egg on my Face when it’s Worth it

Every little girl that I’ve known, wanting a family, wants a little boy and a little girl. The son will undoubtedly protect his little sister from unwanted boys; the girl’s friends will continuously crush on her big brother. At least that’s how it is in the movies. Not mine!

Yeah, yeah. I lucked out with one of each — four and a half years apart. But I have one that seldom speaks unless he’s sharing some hilarious video he’s located, and one that would make one hell of an evangelist with her vocal chords if there was an animal church she could preach in.

This morning, Facebook was the strangest place. Half of the people were sharing their testimonies of Christ and the selflessness of sacrifice for Easter. The other half were laughing and joking about losing their jobs, changing their group names to phallic titles, and the complete opposite of the first group for April Fool’s Day. The best part about today was there was no mention of Trump — and I loved it. In fact, I didn’t notice one cross word anywhere on the page.

Still, working the job between getting our 1st Place Pets site up and running is tearing me apart. After arriving home at 7:30 p.m. each night, exhausted, hungry, and ready for bed for five nights in a row, the weekends zoom by. It’s hard to look forward to the weekend off of work knowing that I’ll be watching the tops of my kids’ heads while they play on their phones and computers. But, on the bright side, I got a lot of the house cleaned.

Today, I spent as much time listing items for sale on eBay to make ends meet this week. One of the products was a “permanent” hair remover. If my chin hair was edible, I could have easily fed a family of four. Apparently, in a chosen few, the hair remover entices hair growth. I’m trying to sell it now and figure out a new way to lose the Santa growth. Unfortunately, when I purchased this fine equipment, I threw out my two painful Epiladies. Sure, they hurt; they also worked. So now I’ll try the dreaded egg mask. I’ll let you know if it’s worth having egg on my face next week or if I simply need pruning shears to trim topiaries from my facial hair.

For now, I’ll drift off to sleep in preparation for another work week listening to this meditative music. I need my sleep. During my breaks at work, I study for a promotion. If I don’t get rid of the facial hair, at least I won’t need to change my name — MJ Brewer.

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