The Great Weight Dilemma

When the Mother in the Jungle wants something, there is nothing that can stop the train until the destination is reached. If you are one of the few people asking, “What on Earth is this cracker barrel talking about?” you are on the wrong page. Still, I will explain exactly what I mean.

Let me start by explaining that as a single parent, every minute of every day is accounted for and usually the spot for self-satisfaction is minimal and usually takes place in either a bathroom or bedroom closet. I refuse to say anything more. It’s limited, and that is what we all know.

When you work out of town on a daily basis, that’s obviously going to add more than the typical 40-hour a week work schedule. For me, I work on average one hour, one-way, in Salt Lake City for a total of at least 50 hours a week. However, during training at my new job I was verbally written up. By the time I was finished passing accidents and stalled vehicles on a snowing March day, I was outside of my “allowance cushion” I’d created for myself by leaving early. I was two minutes late. Sounds extreme, right? But at this company, no one wants to lose the job. For a student who graduated in writing for television and film, Comcast is the place to be.

So now, I leave early enough to get here half an hour earlier. That means I get to add another 2.5 hours, bringing my grand total to 52.5 hours a week. For a single parent, that can be daunting. By the time I get home at night, the clock generally reads around 7:15 – 7:30 p.m. I shovel down some food, do a quick check with my kids to see how their day went, play a game or watch a movie with them, read with my daughter, and go to bed. All this after working out with my son at 5:00 and coming home to prepare for work by showering, prepping lunches, and making sure everyone’s ready before school. (This includes ensuring all notes, etc. are signed.)

On top of it all, 1st Place Pets is the online company I am getting going so it can be lucrative by the time Nikki’s old enough to graduate. She will start off assisting by listing the products, and then I plan on gradually weaning her into the full program. Of course, she’s only 11-years-old, so her time is limited to a couple of hours per day.

During my weekends, there is no sleeping in. I have no idea what that reference means. I spend as much of that time with my little ones as possible. By the time the week ends, my total with my kids is approximately 38 hours. Sort of lame, right? But, as I said earlier, this job requires a sacrifice. And the people are phenomenal here. When you have a job requiring more time than your family, you want to like it.

This week, however, another story unfolded. As I expressed earlier, for an additional incentive to lose weight, I started HealthyWage; where you make a monetary wager on goals to lose weight. I’d bet $80 that I can lose enough weight to garner a healthy payoff. The problem is that because of finishing up my move, starting a new job and acclimating to a new schedule which increased my stress, I missed my goal by 1.5 lbs. Here’s to hoping I can lose 40 more by my next deadline in September for $1,500.

Everything should be calm by then – or will it? Have any tips or suggestions?

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