Harry Hole and the Snowman?

Because we like to save money while entertaining ourselves, we regularly indulge one night a week in watching a movie together as a family. We used to go all out with popcorn, soda, and homemade pizza and snuggle together for the night. Jealous? Well, you should be. So tonight, we’re watching Blade Runner 2049 and Bad Moms’ Christmas. I get what you’re thinking, “Those aren’t family shows. They’re both rated R.” Fine. You got me. Our Family Night is never on Sunday. We played Kinect for our family time. But while I was searching for something entertaining to watch at Redbox, I was dumb-stricken.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 3.48.28 PM

For all of the Norwegian film geeks, I’m absolutely mystified. How can Jo Nesbø be so crass as to author a movie with a protagonist named “Harry Hole” to save a “Bratt”? Sure, although the pronunciation is “Who-lee,” the actors can’t even get it right.

So while Blade Runner and Bad Mom’s Christmas is rated R for adult themes, I think The Snowman with Harry Hole sounds like an X-rated movie. I’m not getting into the plot, but it’s a cold one.

In discussing the making of worthwhile projects, I must admit, building “1st Place Pets” is a chore. With 32 different areas to cover and 75+ objects in each area, this will take a while. I wish I knew of a faster way to load all the product onto the site.

Meanwhile, we’re casually searching out a “new” old place to live. Lowe’s has contacted me to shoot videos for them displaying the methods of use. I think I can use this to my advantage if I move into a place that needs new fixtures, etc. and work at the same time.

And I’m actually writing commercials, although my customer was in a brutal biking accident which broke his back in several places, his neck, and tap-danced across his face. I feel awful for him. I remember recuperating from my accident, and it didn’t sound nearly as bad. He claims he’ll be back in the game in 6 weeks. Crossing my fingers he’s okay.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.22.32 PM

Cameron went to his Sweetheart Dance with his friends, but I have to wonder if girls are really that important to him yet, or if it’s the whole “cool bros hanging out” thing. I guess I shouldn’t worry. At least I won’t have to worry about the dreaded phone call of premature fatherhood. Then again, with school shootings on the rise under our new presidency, I’m more concerned with my kids living long enough to graduate much less procreate.

Nikki’s excited that our plans to remain in Ogden remain intact with me working in Salt Lake–at least for now. I really wanted to move to Draper. But, until something happens where I’m making quite a bit more money, it looks like this is home.

Meanwhile, I’m confused and concerned that during the school shootings, they’re teaching kids to sit huddled in the dark and wait. Our military doesn’t do that and football teams don’t do that; they scatter as to make more difficult targets. Why are our children taught to sit and wait? Ridiculous. Perhaps we’re taking advice from brilliant and driven detective Harry Hole or our “very prestigiuos” president. What’s your bet?


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