Should Tom Brady Run from Super Bowl to Presidency?


Tom Brady President
Tom Brady, currently an all-star quarterback, but how would he fair in the White House?

Everyone’s up in a roar about Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots, or are they? There are a few football fans who are completely turned off by Tom Brady, superhero QB, but they’re still geared up for the outlandish commercials during halftime that cost about $5 million for a 30-second spot. Crazy, right?


Okay, so Eagles have it rough with no McNabb or Wentz, but cross your fingers for Foles and Pederson’s ability to hold it together. Last year, the Eagles couldn’t push back Belichick and Brady, but maybe this year they will prove the statistics wrong. Whether or not big-headed Brady’s team of the Patriots wins or not, he should consider running for president. If he did put Trump out next election, there’d definitely need to be a stage a lot larger to hold both of their heads. According to Tom Brady, he’s the one to beat. Then again, he seems to feel that Trump is the cat’s whiskers. For more, read this interview.


Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 12.33.33 PM
Tom Brady screaming, “You’re fired!” after filling Trump’s golf shoes.

On the other hand, the halftime show definitely has something going for it with one of my favorites, Justin Timberlake. Here’s an interview with him about his performance.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 3.32.56 PM
“You can’t change what’s happened, but you can move forward and learn from it.” ~ JT

But concerning issues that matter, you may recall I was entering a contest to win the making of my screenplay Vermill!on Beach. When I was a kid, I used to be amazed when I watched Mr. Rogers and the tour of a fortune cookie factory (for those betting on the Super Bowl). It was like “Wow, I had no idea so much work goes into making a tiny cookie with a piece of paper that’s gone in 2 minutes!” The same goes with filmmaking or in this instance commercial making. I had Cameron film me for three days to put six different segments together into a 2-minute commercial of how individualism contrasts conformity. He insisted on using his phone, but when it came time to forward the shots to me, he was certain he had submitted a shot which he hadn’t. We argued for two days.

Nik and Cam Red Pole
They’re always happier with a little divider between them.

On Thursday, with one day to put it all together, he finally told me at 3:00 p.m. that he found it on his phone and was sending it. By then, there’s no way I could edit and put it together in one day, complete with editing the dialogue and then creating a timed score to go with it. The project was due Friday. What a disaster! We didn’t speak the remainder of the day. I was frustrated in wasting so much time that I could have been doing something else productive. We’d made several people go out of their way by using a classroom, a backyard, a gym, etc. with various people’s permissions. But then, I decided that rather than write the commercial off, because I’d missed the deadline, I could do it anyway to advertise myself. Why not? At least then it would go toward a positive end if it turned out alright. Maybe I’ll share it.

Also, I’ve connected with someone in the industry who seems particularly interested in my copyright abilities to create commercials. I ran my ideas past him with the pitches he proposed, and he was thrilled. So, we’ll work together and see where that goes.

Being a mom? Well, I’m not so sure about my positivity there. My son thinks the DMV is out to get him because he can’t seem to pass the written exam. I tried explaining overcoming the Asperger’s Syndrome when it comes to taking tests. As a writer, it’s surprising how difficult it is for me to comprehend written directions, especially when it’s a series of long sentences. When I tried explaining that to him, he got frustrated. His father keeps telling him “there’s nothing wrong” with him. Asperger’s people don’t necessarily have anything “wrong” with them, it’s simply finding an alternate way of approaching things. I’ve been doing it for years. My issue is that while Cameron tries to do just enough to get by, I always want to be the best in the running – the ultimate—the one that leaves people scratching their heads. Needless to say, that seldom happens, but I usually feel good about my accomplishments when I’m finished. It generally works out.


Sicky Nikki
Shopping bag at the ready, stuffy Nikki sleeps

Nikki has a head cold that’s awful! I think it may be playing with her mental awareness. For example, I stood sideways in front of her today so she could witness my results so far in weight loss. I was mostly wanting her to comment on how much weight I’ve lost in my gut. I mean, it’s actually smaller than my chest now! “Wow,” she opens her eyes wide, “Your butt sticks out further than your back now.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? When I reported this breakthrough to the girls at the gym, they seemed to have agreed. I suppose any weight loss is good weight loss. I can’t complain. Although I’m not sure what a fat back looks like. Meanwhile, Nikki’s stuck on the couch, a brown grocery bag full of tissues and a nose that would put Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer to shame.


Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 3.18.44 PM
208 lbs to 192 lbs, and leaping from a plateau

Still working out and moderately changing my diet to mega protein and cutting carbs while loading up on fats, I’ve determined donating plasma eats up my proteins and makes it more difficult. And for those who are losing weight, fasting for 12 hours or so is great, but doing it the day before you donate plasma will send you into the sleepy zone for the next two days and destroy any weight loss as your body tries refraining from starving to death. Don’t do it! It’s bad!

The job hunt continues as I refuse to settle for a job to get by and search for a position I will be thrilled with that works with my copyrighting adventures. I’ll tell you next week if I’ve found the deserving position. Until then, remember that statistically, the number one day people take off is the day following the Super Bowl. So, if you’re trying to get into the good graces of your boss, bring that up on Monday, unless he’s “ill.”

Will a football hero be the replacement of the money icon, or will it be a wrestler or movie star moving into the White House in 2020? What in the heck are we thinking? Politics. Frankly, I think we should simplify the entire process. Each person votes one time, and the whole country tallies up the vote for the winner. As long as they keep the process complicated, we may end up with our Patriot, Tom Brady.

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