A New Car with No Driver’s License?

This past week started off like a normal one. Making breakfast, throwing myself together, and the three of us running around the house getting ready. I’m sure we resembled lint gathering in a vacuum cleaner as we flew around our donut-shaped apartment. Yes, the middle is the area where the apartments’ water heater, etc. are located, and that room is as big as our bathroom. But “normal” was only the first half of the week. It didn’t go downhill from there, it dropped off the edge like the unsuspecting coyote when he found out the roadrunner duped him again. Reality check!

Wednesday, I took Nikki to the dentist and to get her physical for going to junior high next year. She begged me to take her even though she didn’t need them until next September. Still, I plugged the appointment in on the same day as her dental visit. Slamming it! Yep, like a baseball bat to the mouth! Turns out, she needs about $4,000 worth of dental work done. The dentist said he’d do it all at once so she could take a day and recover, but he wanted her to get it over with, rather than stringing it out. I agreed.

Friday, my engine light came on. Perfect! Cameron left to go to his dad’s, and I asked him if he could bring my son home on Sunday. I wouldn’t be able to get my car fixed this weekend. Cameron’s father, Dave, cheerfully obliged. All was calm on the homefront! Nikki and I snuggled and watched some discovery shows until the Amazon Prime and Netflix started having serious issues with connectivity. After talking about it, we decided the new law the government passed was impacting our cable speed and we would need to go back to watching DVD films. Well, our local library has a lot more than books!

Saturday, I also discovered I’m still on my way to my weight loss goal at Kubex. I need to lose 7.6 lbs by March 21st and another 40 lbs by September 4th. So far, I’ve lost 16 lbs. That’s pretty cool. But what’s even cooler is the cash payout while looking and feeling healthier. Thanks, HealthyWage, and thanks to LoseIt! for helping me get there.

So Sunday night, I prepared for the writing group I got together. But a few didn’t show and a couple had emergencies. I decided to include a working page on Samepage to see if I could make that work instead. It appears to operate even easier than Wiggio. I’m excited! We’re putting together an anthology with an all-new twist.

While I was trying to get my page worked out for my meeting, my taller-than-me 15-year-old pranced through the door with “good news.” I suppose it was good news for him, but not so much for me. At least I didn’t feel like it. For his birthday, which is next Sunday, his father gave him a little black Jetta. The kid doesn’t even have a license yet! When I was that age, I had to at least show some leg and jut my breasts out for that sort of treatment. Okay, it never happened with a positive result for me, and I showed a lot of leg! I also had straight A’s. Cameron could, but only gets them when he’s going to lose a privilege. There have been several times F’s are grabbing at his ankles and he studies for two nights to get them up to a B. He hasn’t even got his learner’s permit yet but has a car key jingling around in his pocket. I’m not that upset he has a car, I’m upset that he’s not behaving responsible enough to even have the key in his pocket. I called his dad.Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 1.02.24 PM

Don’t you think a decision like this should be made between parents, whether they’re together or not? I mean, all but two weekends a month, he’s living with me. I think I should have the final say as to whether or not he’s got access to a vehicle. Sure, I’m a bit eccentric and tend to see things differently than most people, but once in a while my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Asperger’s agree on things. This is one of those times. His father feels the key will react as a “dangling carrot” for Cameron’s improvement. I’m not so sure rewarding him beforehand is a great idea.

So you tell me, divorced parents, does your counterpart ever do something to be nice without consulting you first and it grips your hide? If so, share and make me feel better.

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