Surviving the Jungle takes Moxy

Unless you are a single parent, you have no idea the heroism necessary in conducting this role correctly. Think about a person doing the job of two people, in half the time. If the parent is a woman, she’s paid less than her counterpart and expected to have the responsibilities of a doting housewife. Wouldn’t it be great if life was so simple? It’s not! While playing Tarzan and swinging on vines that could snap at any moment, time is of the essence and every grab, regardless of what’s captured, could be life-threatening or salvaging. Move fast and think faster — with moxy.

So, for my entries, you’ll see excerpts of a wannabe hero’s life in dealing with the ever-pressing emergencies, combined with keeping up the house, struggling to get ahead in the workplace and finding a quiet half hour at 4:30 a.m. to have time to — think.

If you’re a survivor in the Jungle of Life, without an escape, you may want to take a peek once in a while at posts from a “vine swinger from another mother.” Stay posted.


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